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Women's Basketball - Oct 29, 2014

METROSPORTSREPORT.COM- CEDAR RAPIDS, IA--  Kim Muhl thinks he has the ingredients for another successful women's basketball team at Kirkwood Community College this year, but there's one thing he cannot control. Muhl learned that painful lesson last season when injuries derailed another possible trip to the national tournament. "I think the biggest thing is staying healthy," he said Monday. "We have some nice pieces, but we have to stay healthy." Kirkwood finished 25-7 overall last season and 12-4 in the ICCAC Conference. That's an outstanding year for most schools, but Muhl has won six national titles during his 26 years with the Eagles and he'd like another. He's got a veteran group and so far everybody is healthy (knock on wood).

"We've got nine sophomores, so that makes everything a little simpler as far as getting things in and done," said Muhl, who has a 734-135 record with the Eagles. "We've got a good group. "We had a good group last year, too, and we had four knee injuries in a month. I don't want to say too much anymore. We need to keep all the kids healthy."

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Softball - Oct 29, 2014

METROSPORTSREPORT.COM- CEDAR RAPIDS, IA--Maddie Hansen, an all-state catcher at Cedar Rapids Jefferson, has accepted an offer to play college softball at Kirkwood. Hansen has been playing for the J-Hawks since she was a graduated eighth grader. She has a career batting average of .444 with 16 home runs and 163 RBIs in four years.

Hansen batted .500 with seven homers and 69 RBIs as a sophomore when Jefferson finished 33-12 and placed fifth at the Class 5A state tournament. She led Class 5A in RBIs that season and was second in the state. Hansen hit .441 with seven homers and 46 RBIs this past season when Jefferson went 35-8 and finished seventh at the state tournament.

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Men's Basketball - Oct 28, 2014

METROSPORTSREPORT.COM- CEDAR RAPIDS, IA-- Bryan Petersen does not have to walk around Johnson Hall with the word "interim" hanging over his head anymore, not that it really bothered him last year. Petersen, 27, is the full-time coach of the Kirkwood men's basketball team this season now that Doug Wagemester has decided to focus solely on being the school's athletic director. Petersen was the "interim" head coach last year when the Eagles finished 21-10 overall and tied for second in the ICCAC conference with a 10-4 league record. Now there's nothing "interim" about it.

Like any coach, things are a little easier the second time around. "I definitely feel more comfortable," Petersen said after practice Monday. "I'm not creating everything for the first time like I was last year, so that makes it a little bit easier. But I'm still learning."