2016-17 Master Schedule
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Master Schedule for 2016-17
Day Time Sport   Opponent
Sun72:00 PMVolleyball vs. Alumni Exhibition
Wed1710:00 AMVolleyball vs. Mount Mercy University
Wed174:00 PMVolleyball vs. Clarke University
Wed246:30 PMVolleyball vs. Grand View University
Sat279:00 AMVolleyball vs. Parkland College
 Dells Tournament
Sat2711:00 AMVolleyball @ Harper College
 Dells Tournament
Sat271:30 PMVolleyball @ St. Clair County CC
 Dells Tournament
Sat273:30 PMVolleyball @ South Suburban
 Dells Tournament
Wed316:30 PMVolleyball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
Fri21:00 PMVolleyball vs. Fort Scott CC
 Northeast Tournament
Fri25:00 PMVolleyball vs. Lake Region State College
 NECC Tournament
Sat39:00 AMVolleyball vs. Southeast C C
 Northeast Tournament
Sat311:00 AMVolleyball vs. North Dakota State College of Science
 NECC Tournament
Wed77:00 PMVolleyball @ Iowa Central CC
Fri96:00 PMVolleyball vs. Illinois Central College
 Kirkwood Invitational
Fri98:00 PMVolleyball vs. Cowley College
 Kirkwood Invitational
Sat1011:00 AMVolleyball vs. Johnson County CC
 Kirkwood Invitational
Sat103:00 PMVolleyball vs. McHenry County College
 Kirkwood Invitational
Wed146:30 PMVolleyball vs. Ellsworth CC
Wed216:30 PMVolleyball vs. North Iowa Area CC
Fri231:00 PMVolleyball vs. Vincennes University
 Cobra Invite
Fri233:00 PMVolleyball vs. Lincoln Land CC
 Cobra Invite
Sat2411:00 AMVolleyball vs. Muskegon CC
 Cobra Invite
Sat241:00 PMVolleyball vs. Owens CC
 Cobra Invite
Wed287:00 PMVolleyball @ Southeastern CC
Fri302:00 PMVolleyball vs. Kansas City Kansas CC
 Johnson Co. Invitational
Fri304:00 PMVolleyball vs. Iowa Western CC
Sat19:00 AMVolleyball vs. Central CC - Columbus
Sat111:00 AMVolleyball vs. North Platte CC
Wed56:30 PMVolleyball vs. Southwestern CC
Fri74:00 PMVolleyball vs. Johnson County CC
 DMACC Invite
Fri76:00 PMVolleyball vs. Waubonsee CC
 DMACC Invite
Sat810:00 AMVolleyball vs. MCC-Longview
 DMACC Invite
Sat81:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. TBA
 ICCAC JUCO Jamboree
Sat82:00 PMVolleyball @ Highland CC
 DMACC Invite
Sun9 Women's Basketball vs. TBA
 UNI Jamboree
Wed126:30 PMVolleyball @ Des Moines Area CC
Sat1510:00 AMVolleyball vs. Highland CC
Sat1512:00 PMVolleyball vs. William Penn University
 Wm Penn jv
Sun1610:00 AMMen's Basketball vs. TBA
 Johnson County CC Jamboree
Sun1610:00 AMWomen's Basketball vs. Saint Ambrose University
 Kirkwood/Mt Mercy Jamboree
Sun1612:15 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Clarke University
Sun162:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Grand View University
Wed197:00 PMVolleyball @ Northeast Community College
Sat2211:00 AMMen's Basketball vs. Mount Mercy University
Tue256:30 PMVolleyball vs. Indian Hills CC-Ottumwa
 Soph. Night
Wed267:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Upper Iowa University
Thu276:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Iowa Wesleyan College
Fri287:00 PMVolleyball vs. Illinois Central College
Sat2910:45 AMVolleyball vs. Sauk Valley CC
 @Parkland College
Mon316:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Mount Mercy University
Wed27:00 PMVolleyball vs. Southeastern CC
 NJCAA Region XI-A Semifinal Match
Fri41:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Rend Lake College
 St. Fair Tournament
Fri44:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Carl Sandburg College
 Indian Hills Classic
Sat512:00 PMVolleyball vs. Des Moines Area CC
 NJCAA Region XI-A Championship Match
Sat55:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ State Fair CC
 St. Fair Tournament
Sat57:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Indian Hills CC-Ottumwa
 Indian Hills Classic
Tue87:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. William Penn University
Fri116:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Parkland College
 ICC Tournament
Sat122:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Illinois Central College
 ICC Tournament
Sat123:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Black Hawk College-Moline
Wed167:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Marshalltown CC
Thu178:00 AMVolleyball vs. McHenry County College
 NJCAA Division II National Tournament 1st Round
Thu174:30 PMVolleyball vs. Lincoln Land CC
 NJCAA Division II National Tournament Quarterfinals
Fri181:30 PMVolleyball vs. Sauk Valley CC
 NJCAA Division II National Tournament Consolation Match
Fri187:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Triton College
 KCC Tournament
Sat1910:00 AMVolleyball vs. Coffeyville Community College
 NJCAA Division II National Tournament 7th Place Match
Sat193:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Waubonsee CC
 KCC Tournament
Sat197:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Mount Mercy University
Tue225:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. South Australia Institute of Sports
Tue227:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Indian Hills CC-Ottumwa
Wed305:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ John Wood CC
Wed307:30 PMMen's Basketball @ John Wood CC
Sat33:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Illinois Central College
Tue67:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Black Hawk College-Moline
Wed75:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Marshalltown CC
Sat103:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Lincoln College
Wed145:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. John Wood CC
Wed147:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. John Wood CC
Fri165:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Joliet JC
 South Suburban Classic
Sat171:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ South Suburban
 South Suburban Classic
Wed282:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. McHenry County College
 ICC Tournament
Thu292:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Sauk Valley CC
 ICC Tournament
Fri304:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Illinois Central College
 ICC Tournament
Tue37:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Clarke University
Thu57:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Loras
Sat74:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Illinois Central College
Wed117:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Marshalltown CC
Sat141:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Southwestern CC
Sat143:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Southwestern CC
Wed185:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Ellsworth CC
Wed187:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Ellsworth CC
Sat211:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Des Moines Area CC
Sat213:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Des Moines Area CC
Tue247:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Grand View University
Wed255:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Southeastern CC
Sat281:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Iowa Central CC
Sat283:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Iowa Central CC
Wed15:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ North Iowa Area CC
Wed17:30 PMMen's Basketball @ North Iowa Area CC
Sat41:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
Sat43:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
Sat111:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Southwestern CC
 Pink Day
Sat113:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Southwestern CC
Wed155:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Ellsworth CC
Wed157:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Ellsworth CC
Sat1810:00 AMSoftball @ Saint Ambrose University
 SAU Dome Tournament
Sat1812:00 PMSoftball @ Waubonsee CC
 SAU Dome Tournament
Sat181:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Des Moines Area CC
 Sophomore Day
Sat183:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Des Moines Area CC
Sun1910:00 AMSoftball @ Carl Sandburg College
 SAU Dome Tournament
Sun1912:00 PMSoftball @ John Wood CC
 SAU Dome Tournament
Tue217:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Mount Mercy University
Wed225:00 PMSoftball @ Clarke University
Wed22Game 2Softball @ Clarke University
Wed225:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Southeastern CC
Sat251:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Iowa Central CC
Sat251:00 PMBaseball @ Johnson County CC
Sat25Game 2Baseball @ Johnson County CC
Sat253:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Iowa Central CC
Sun2612:00 PMBaseball @ Johnson County CC
Sun26Game 2Baseball @ Johnson County CC
Wed15:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. North Iowa Area CC
Wed17:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. North Iowa Area CC
Sat412:00 PMBaseball @ Lewis & Clark CC
Sat4Game 2Baseball @ Lewis & Clark CC
Sat41:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Iowa Lakes CC
Sat43:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Iowa Lakes CC
Sat46:15 PMSoftball @ South Suburban
 N4C Dome Jamboree
Sat48:00 PMSoftball @ Moraine Valley CC
 N4C Dome Jamboree
Sun510:15 AMSoftball @ McHenry County College
 N4C Dome Jamboree
Sun5Game 2Softball @ McHenry County College
 N4C Dome Jamboree
Sun512:00 PMBaseball @ Lewis & Clark CC
Sun5Game 2Baseball @ Lewis & Clark CC
Tue75:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Ellsworth CC
 Region XI Tournament Quarterfinals
Tue77:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. North Iowa Area CC
 Region XI Tournament Quarterfinals
Thu95:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Southwestern CC
 Region XI Tournament Semifinals
Thu97:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
 Region XI Tournament Semifinals
Fri1011:30 AMSoftball @ Northwest Florida State College
 NFCA Leadoff Classic
Fri104:30 PMSoftball @ Community Coll. of Baltimore-Catonsville
 NFCA Leadoff Classic
Sat1111:30 AMSoftball vs. Louisiana State University - Eunice
 NFCA Leadoff Classic
Sat111:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. North Iowa Area CC
 Region XI Tournament Finals
Sat113:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Southwestern CC
 Region XI Tournament Finals
Sat114:00 PMBaseball @ Hagerstown CC
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Sat11Game 2Baseball @ Hagerstown CC
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Sat114:30 PMSoftball @ Jones County Junior College
 NFCA Leadoff Classic
Sun1211:30 AMSoftball @ Illinois Central College
 NFCA Leadoff Classic
Sun121:00 PMBaseball @ Westchester CC
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Sun124:00 PMBaseball @ Ontario Royals
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Mon131:00 PMBaseball @ UConn-Avery Point
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Mon13Game 2Baseball @ UConn-Avery Point
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Tue1410:00 AMBaseball @ Bethany College
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Tue144:00 PMBaseball @ Westchester CC
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Thu161:00 PMBaseball @ Westchester CC
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Thu164:00 PMBaseball @ Ontario Royals
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Fri179:00 AMBaseball @ UConn-Avery Point
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Fri17Game 2Baseball @ UConn-Avery Point
 Historic Dodgertown Spring Invitational
Sat181:00 PMSoftball @ Culver-Stockton College
Sat18Game 2Softball @ Culver-Stockton College
Sun191:00 PMSoftball @ Mineral Area College
Sun19Game 2Softball @ Mineral Area College
Tue216:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Dakota College at Bottineau
 NJCAA Division II National Tournament 1st Round
Wed222:00 PMBaseball @ Marshalltown CC
Wed22Game 2Baseball @ Marshalltown CC
Wed223:00 PMSoftball @ Spoon River College
Wed22Game 2Softball @ Spoon River College
Thu233:00 PMSoftball @ Southeastern CC
Thu23Game 2Softball @ Southeastern CC
Thu236:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Cincinnati State Technical and CC
 NJCAA Division II National Tournament Quarterfinals
Fri248:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Kankakee CC
 NJCAA Division II National Tournament Semifinals
Sat257:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Johnson County CC
 NJCAA Division II National Tournament Finals
Sun262:00 PMSoftball vs. Iowa Central CC
Sun26Game 2Softball vs. Iowa Central CC
Mon279:00 AMMen's GolfDay 1 - William Woods Spring Invite
Mon271:00 PMBaseball @ Ellsworth CC
Mon27Game 2Baseball @ Ellsworth CC
Mon272:00 PMSoftball vs. Ellsworth CC
Mon27Game 2Softball vs. Ellsworth CC
Tue289:00 AMMen's GolfDay 2 - William Woods Spring Invite
Tue281:00 PMBaseball @ Ellsworth CC
Tue28Game 2Baseball @ Ellsworth CC
Wed291:00 PMBaseball vs. Clarke University
Wed29Game 2Baseball vs. Clarke University
Wed292:00 PMSoftball vs. Des Moines Area CC
Wed29Game 2Softball vs. Des Moines Area CC
Fri312:00 PMSoftball @ Madison College
Fri314:00 PMSoftball @ Madison College
Sat11:00 PMBaseball vs. Des Moines Area CC
Sat1Game 2Baseball vs. Des Moines Area CC
Sat11:00 PMSoftball @ North Iowa Area CC
Sat1Game 2Softball @ North Iowa Area CC
Sun212:00 PMMen's GolfDay 1 - Eagle Spring Classic
Sun212:00 PMSoftball @ Iowa Lakes CC
Sun2Game 2Softball @ Iowa Lakes CC
Sun21:00 PMBaseball vs. Des Moines Area CC
Sun2Game 2Baseball vs. Des Moines Area CC
Mon39:00 AMMen's GolfDay 2 - Eagle Spring Classic
Tue42:00 PMSoftball vs. Des Moines Area CC
Tue4Game 2Softball vs. Des Moines Area CC
Wed52:00 PMSoftball @ Ellsworth CC
Wed5Game 2Softball @ Ellsworth CC
Wed53:00 PMBaseball @ Heartland Community College
Wed5Game 2Baseball @ Heartland Community College
Thu62:00 PMSoftball vs. Southeastern CC
Thu6Game 2Softball vs. Southeastern CC
Fri711:00 AMMen's GolfDay 1 - Wartburg Invitational
Sat88:00 AMMen's GolfDay 2 - Wartburg Invitational
Sat81:00 PMSoftball vs. Southwestern CC
Sat8Game 2Softball vs. Southwestern CC
Sun912:00 PMSoftball @ Iowa Central CC
Sun9Game 2Softball @ Iowa Central CC
Tue112:00 PMBaseball vs. Marshalltown CC
Tue11Game 2Baseball vs. Marshalltown CC
Wed122:00 PMSoftball vs. North Iowa Area CC
Wed12Game 2Softball vs. North Iowa Area CC
Fri14 Men's GolfRegion XI Spring Preview
Fri141:00 PMBaseball @ Iowa Central CC
Fri14Game 2Baseball @ Iowa Central CC
Fri142:00 PMSoftball vs. Northeast Community College
Fri14Game 2Softball vs. Northeast Community College
Sat151:00 PMBaseball @ Iowa Central CC
Sat15Game 2Baseball @ Iowa Central CC
Sat151:00 PMSoftball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
Sat15Game 2Softball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
Mon172:00 PMSoftball @ Indian Hills CC-Ottumwa
Mon17Game 2Softball @ Indian Hills CC-Ottumwa
Wed192:00 PMSoftball @ Des Moines Area CC
Wed19Game 2Softball @ Des Moines Area CC
Wed193:00 PMBaseball @ Clarke University
Wed19Game 2Baseball @ Clarke University
Fri2112:00 PMMen's GolfDay 1 - Illinois College Invitational
Sat228:00 AMMen's GolfDay 2 - Illinois College Invitational
Sat221:00 PMBaseball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
Sat22Game 2Baseball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
Sat221:00 PMSoftball @ Southwestern CC
Sat22Game 2Softball @ Southwestern CC
Sun2312:00 PMSoftball @ Northeast Community College
Sun23Game 2Softball @ Northeast Community College
Sun231:00 PMBaseball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
Sun23Game 2Baseball vs. Iowa Lakes CC
Tue252:00 PMSoftball vs. Indian Hills CC-Ottumwa
Tue25Game 2Softball vs. Indian Hills CC-Ottumwa
Wed262:00 PMBaseball vs. Heartland Community College
Wed26Game 2Baseball vs. Heartland Community College
Fri281:00 PMMen's GolfDay 1 - Monmouth College Invite
Sat298:30 AMMen's GolfDay 2 - Monmouth College Invite
Sat292:00 PMBaseball @ North Iowa Area CC
Sat29Game 2Baseball @ North Iowa Area CC
Sun301:00 PMBaseball @ North Iowa Area CC
Sun30Game 2Baseball @ North Iowa Area CC
Fri52:00 PMBaseball vs. Southeastern CC
Fri5Game 2Baseball vs. Southeastern CC
Sat6 Men's GolfDay 1 - Region XI Golf Championship
Sat61:00 PMBaseball vs. Southeastern CC
Sat6Game 2Baseball vs. Southeastern CC
Sun7 Men's GolfDay 2 - Region XI Golf Championship