Athletic Bus Reservation Form


The Athletic Department is in charge of scheduling the Kirkwood Athletic buses. These are 29-passenger buses. The Athletic department has priority for using the buses but other departments may use them if not scheduled by Athletics. Please note that even if you have the buses reserved, Athletics can bump you from them up to one week before your trip. If this should happen, it is your responsibility to find alternative transportation.

The following are the rules for using the buses.

  1. Call Athletics #4909 to see if a bus is available for dates and times needed. If available, you must complete the on line Bus Reservation Form. This form will be emailed to the Athletic department. Your bus reservation cannot be confirmed until the form has been received by Athletics. A valid GL # and a complete list of the passengers must appear on the reservation form. Failure to do so will negate your reservation.
  2. You must have at least 21, but no more than 29 passengers to reserve a bus.
  3. A list of bus drivers will be made available to you through the Facilities Department and it is your responsibility to schedule your own driver. It is also your responsibility to make sure your driver is paid.
    • Drivers are paid $12.50/hr. from start of trip until return completion of trip.
    • Overnight rate is $125.00/day plus hotel fee
    • Drivers must be part of the Kirkwood Community College bus driver pool to ensure they have proper CDL license, physical and are on Kirkwood's drug testing program.
  4. Departments will be charged back $1.00 per mile.
  5. It is the responsibility of each individual who checks out a bus to insure that no passenger conduct is detrimental to the bus and that the bus be returned clean and free of trash and debris. This includes cans, mud, paper, pizza boxes, tobacco juice on interiors and in ashtrays, gum, etc. Failure to return a bus in outgoing condition may result in denying future bus usage.
  6. If your trip is cancelled, please contact the Athletic Department as soon as you know, so the bus can be made available for others to use.
  7. Cancellations may occur for various reasons, in most cases because of unscheduled maintenance caused by mechanical problems. We will give as much notice as possible; however, this could happen at any time. In the event of cancellation it is the responsibility of each department to make alternative arrangements.