Eagle Golfers Dominate Spring Preview

Eagle Golfers Dominate Spring Preview


PANORA - The Kirkwood men's golf team dominated the NJCAA Region XI Spring Preview Friday by placing first and second in the team standings at the Lake Panorama National Resort.

In reality, the Eagles tied themselves for first place. The Kirkwood "A" team finished at 18-over-par 306 and the Kirkwood "B" team also  finished at 18-over 306.

Nine junior college teams from the ICCAC conference participated in the meet.

The Kirkwood teams finished two shots ahead of DMACC.

George Appleseth, a member of the Kirkwood "B" team, finished second  in the individual standings at 1-over-par 73 to lead all the Eagles in  the tournament.

Aaron James of Iowa Lakes won the title at 3-under 69.



1. (tie) Kirkwood "A" 306, Kirkwood "B" 306, 3. DMACC 308, 4. (tie)  Southwestern 317, Iowa Lakes 317, 6. NIACC 322, 7. Southeastern 337,  8. Iowa Central 341, 9. Northeast 343.


KIRKWOOD "A": 3. Niall Powell 74, 4. Will Babcock 75, 10. JD Goodfellow 78, 14. Max Thrune 79, 18. Ryan Morrison 80.

KIRKWOOD "B": 2. George Appleseth 73, 4. Dawson Peters 75, 8. Jake Sevcik 77, 23. George Kalpakas 81, 32. Josh McCormick 85.