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Monday Mar 09
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at Evangel University | Rivercut Golf Course | Springfield, MO

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Tate Carlson

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Tate Carlson

Welcome to the Kirkwood Eagles Golf Spotlight Q & A segment of the week. 


Tate Carlson
Marshalltown, IA
High School: Marshalltown High School
Year in School: RS-FR

  1. Why did you choose to attend Kirkwood?

I really liked the campus and the overall size of it. The facilities were very up to date. When visiting here I talked with Coach Pint and he did a great job, he informed me a lot about the campus, the academics and the golf program and what it would be like to be a student-athlete at Kirkwood. After that, I realized that Kirkwood would be the right fit for me to expand my golf game.  Overall it had a lot to do with the level of play and the competition. Both were very appealing to me when it came down to me making a choice on where to attend.

  1. What would you like to complete your major in and why?

Currently, I am undecided, but I have an interest in business.

  1. What has been the most difficult and/or rewarding part of being a student-athlete?

Most Difficult: diet and nutrition. With not living at home, I found myself eating out a lot more than I would have liked too.

Most rewarding: time management. With being a student-athlete, it consumes much of my day, so balancing school, golf, and life was a daily challenge. Feeling balanced was a large accomplishment.

  1. What do you like most about competing?

Knowing I am competing by myself on the course, but what I do out there benefits the team. Feeling the adrenaline rush during a competition is a feeling I thoroughly enjoy.

  1. What has been your favorite class at Kirkwood? Who has been your favorite instructor and why?

Mass media, because of my interest in social media and how it affects technology. I really enjoyed Randy Langel as one of my teachers at Kirkwood, he was a great instructor and overall a great guy.

  1. What is the best thing about your hometown?

My golf course! Elmwood Country Club, Marshalltown, IA.

  1. Do you have any pre-tournament or competition superstitions or rituals?

Not anything too major. I usually just hit some balls on the driving range then go and putt.

  1. What is the biggest difference from competing as a high school golfer to a college golfer?

The skill level of the other golfers I compete against is a major difference. The knowledge and depth of strength of other players. As well as the strategy of the game increases.

  1. What three people would you want to play a round of golf with and what golf course?

Jordan Speith, Tiger Woods, Zach Johnson, at PGA National in Florida.

  1. If you could play another sport what would you choose to play?

Basketball ...just because it's a great game!

  1. Did you have a bucket list prior to this question? If you did what items do you have on your bucket list?

I really didn't before this, but after thinking about it I would want to visit Alaska, play golf with Tiger Woods, and be able to dunk a basketball.

  1. One word used to describe you? One word your teammates would use to describe you?

My word for myself would be competitive or goofy and my teammate's word for me would be a jokester.