Men's Golf

Monday Mar 09
Men's Golf TBA
at Evangel University | Rivercut Golf Course | Springfield, MO

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Sterling McIlravy

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Sterling McIlravy

Welcome to the Kirkwood Eagles Golf Spotlight Q & A segment of the week. 


Student-Athlete Spotlight: Sterling McIlravy
Hometown: Solon, IA
High School: Solon High School
Year in School: RS-FR 

  1. Why did you choose to attend Kirkwood?

The opportunities that Kirkwood has to offer within their academics, athletics, and their facilities are all top-notch.  Everything you need to be successful, Kirkwood provides a student-athlete.

  1. What would you like to complete your major in and why?

I plan to complete my AS in Liberal Arts and will transfer to a four-year school, majoring in Exercise Science.  My interest in exercise science and how it is applicable to my sport, and that it can enhance my golf play is my why.

  1. What has been the most difficult and/or rewarding part of being a student-athlete?

Most Difficult: Time management. Learning to balance the time dedicated to golf and school work.  I strive to be the best I can be at both but find myself wanting to dedicate more of my time to my golf game, and I know I need to maintain good balance.

Most rewarding: The team unity you get from the golf program. The relationships that are formed within the team, as well as thru the competitions with the opponents.

  1. What do you like most about competing?

Representing my own abilities and also, the relationships that are formed. For me, it's my approach to beating the course.  It's just the ball, the course, and me, nothing else really matters during that moment.

  1. What has been your favorite class at Kirkwood? Who has been your favorite instructor and why?

Nutrition, it has taught me better ways to fuel my body and how that can enhance my performance. It's so applicable to everyday life, you have to like nutrition.  My favorite instructor has been Lisa Lawrence, Art Appreciation. She made class fun and was interesting to listen to.  When you enjoy going to class and have a good instructor it makes learning and the class seem easy!

  1. What is the best thing about your hometown?

Everybody knows one another and they are very supportive of one another.

  1. Do you have any pre-tournament or competition superstitions or rituals?

Prior to tee-off, I say a prayer.  I go into each competition knowing I am mentally calm and physically prepared, I credit my dad for those two things.

  1. What is the biggest difference from competing as a high school golfer to a college golfer?

The level of competition. Every day someone is showing up to test your skills, making you realize you need to bring your best.

  1. What three people would you want to play a round of golf with and what golf course?

Arnold Palmer, Payne Stewart, and Bob Rotella.   Augusta National Golf Course.

  1. If you could play another sport what would you choose to play?

Basketball, I actually considered being a dual sport athlete when I first started looking at colleges.

  1. Did you have a bucket list prior to this question? If you did what items do you have on your bucket list?

Two things that come to mind are to visit Niagara Falls and to play at the Augusta National Golf Course.

  1. One word used to describe you? One word your teammates would use to describe you?

My word for myself is FOCUSED and my teammate's word for me is DETERMINED.